#TRUE 1  We are not here to sell our fish. We are here to sell yours. And also your meat, your coffee, your company, your brand, your product. #TRUE 2 Everything is digital. Everything is on and offline. Everything is communication, in all it’s multiple platforms and supports. #TRUE 3 Nothing beats the power of a good idea. The day that happens , we change our name to LIE. #TRUE 4 The 15 minutes of fame have turned into 15 seconds. Therefore, we better be quick. #TRUE 5 UX, UI, Mobile, Consumer Marketing, Big Data, Influencers and so on. We treat all of these concepts by you, but the truth is that without the Big Idea, they are just bullshit. #TRUE 6 A lie told a million times, does not become a truth. It just turns into a big lie. #TRUE 7 A post is as valid as a 1 min movie. And vice-versa. It all depends of what, and to whom, we are talking. #TRUE 8 Viral doesn't come before in the dictionary of the word idea. And “IThink-O-meter” is not even a word. And “IThink-O-meter” is not even a word. #TRUE 9 Talk to us. We promise to listen to you and tell you some truths. #TRUE 10 And for last, a great truth: There are no absolute truths.


Parallel Review Lisboa

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Quinta do Pinhão